Here you will find some of my published writings, the details of which may be found on my C.V.

Catholicity from an Anglican PerspectiveJournal of Biblical and Theological Studies 5 (2020).

Eucharistic Sacrifice as Anti-Violent PedagogyTheological Studies 80 (2019).

Revisiting Anglicanism’s Vocation to DisappearJournal of Anglican Studies 17 (2019).

The Integrative Role of Sacrifice in the Theology of Henri de LubacInternational Journal of Systematic Theology 20 (2018).

A Trinitarian Basis for a “Theological Ecology” in Light of Laudato Si’Theological Studies 79 (2018).

Sacrifice, Metaphor, and Evolution: Towards a Cognitive Linguistic Theology of SacrificeOpen Theology 4 (2018).

The Fractured Body: The Eucharist and Anglican DivisionAnglican Theological Review 98 (2016).

The Church’s Eucharistic Poverty in the Theologies of Jon Sobrino and Hans Urs von BalthasarTheological Studies 77 (2016).

The Sacrificial Ecclesiology of City of God 10Augustinian Studies (2016).

Sæcula Sæculorum: Missionary Ecclesiology and the Church-World RelationshipOpen Theology 2 (2016).

Baptismal and Missional Ecclesiology in the American Book of Common PrayerEcclesiology 11 (2015).

Schleiermacher on the Necessity of the Church The Journal of Theological Studies 66 (2015).

Exchanging Symbols for Symbolic Exchange: Towards a Realistic, Ecumenical Reformed Sacramental Theology Journal of Reformed Theology 9 (2015).

The Threefold Body in Eschatological Perspective: With and Beyond Henri de Lubac on the Church Ecclesiology 10 (2014).

Sacramental Efficacy in Karl Rahner and Cognitive Linguistics Philosophy and Theology 25 (2013).

Fire in the Water: Baptismal Aptness and Ecology in the Petrine EpistlesJournal of Theological Interpretation 7 (2013).

Use Your Allusion: How Reformed Sacramental Theology Makes Sense of Sacramental Language in John 3 and 6Westminster Theological Journal 74 (2012).

From Rights to Rites: A Eucharistic Reframing of the Abortion Debate Anglican Theological Review 94 (2012).


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